Activity: Induction and Installation of LY 2017/18
Date: 17th August 2017

Venu: Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg

Induction and Installation program of Lions Club of Kathmandu was held on 17th of August 2017 at the Hotel Annapurna Durbar. The chief guest of this program is International Director Lion V.K. Luthra PMJF, Guest of Honor is IPID Lion Er. Sanjay Khetan PMJF. Likewise GMT Area Leader of District 325 & 305 – Lion Khagendra Sitaula PMJF,Council Chairperson Lion Bal Krishna Burlakoti PMJF, District Governor 325A1 Lion Lila Kumar Dhungel MJF, District Governor 325A2  Lion D.R. Khanal  PMJF, District Governor 325B1 Lion Dhana Raj Acharya MJF, District Governor 325B2 Lion Madhu Soodan Sharma MJF, IMCC Lion Sunil Bhakta Shrestha PMJF &Second Century Ambassador,  First Lady District Governor 325A1 Lion Mina Dhungel were presented in this program.

All members of Lions Club of Kathmandu,Lions Seniors leaders and members of others lions clubs attended this program. More than 100 participant were presented in the program.