Welcome to Lions Club of Kathmandu

Lions Club of Kathmandu, the first Lions Club in Kathmandu and second in the country, Nepal, was established in 1972 in the initiation of 50 young leaders of the society. The club was brought into foundation as inspired from the slogan ‘WE SERVE’, to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services throughout community involvement and international co-operation. The club was chartered on 12th July 1972 by the International Association of Lions Clubs.

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Lions Club Kathmandu

Welcome to Lions Eye Hospital

In response to the alarming statistics of 80,000 people in Nepal were needlessly blind from Cataract alone, revealed from the national survey in 1981, LCK formally commenced its contribution to eye care services.

Message From President

Like a lion of the forest this International institution has made its own entity in terms of social rendering services to the needy people of the society. It is the leading international organization regarding its number of clubs as well as members in the worldwide circumference. It is being a platform of recognaization of members who have contributed to the needy people of the globe. The LCI has formulated its noble code of conduct which thoroughly obeyed by members heartily and rest of the members of the society could learn and apply the examplified aspects as a positive way of his life time

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