About Lions Club

Welcome to Lions Club of Kathmandu

Lions Club of Kathmandu, the first Lions Club in Kathmandu and second in the country, Nepal, was established in 1972 in the initiation of 50 young leaders of the society. The club was brought into foundation as inspired from the slogan ‘WE SERVE’, to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services throughout community involvement and international co-operation. The club was chartered on 12th July 1972 by the International Association of Lions Clubs. Prof. Dr. Anjani Kumar Sharma was installed as the first Charter President of the club. Since then the club has continued the journey of servicing the poor and needy people.

Our History

Lionism entered in Nepal in the year 1971 when 1st Lions Club was opened in the year 1971 in the name of Lions club of   Biratnagar under the stewardship of former Prime Minister Matrika Prasad Koirala.
Later on after one year Lion P.C Jain took intensive efforts to open a club in Kathmandu and with a positive result Lions Club of Kathmandu was opened in the year 1972 with 50 charter members. Dr. Anjani Kumar Sharma was elected the Charter President. So far Lions Club of Kathmandu had also made the landmark of having given 8(eight) District Governor as follows:-
 S.NO                         NAME                                        YEAR
    1            Lion Dr. Anjani Kumar Sharma           1976/1977
    2            Lion S.N. Rathi                                      1981/1982
    3            Lion Tika Bhushan Dahal                    1983/1984
    4            Lion Poonam Chand Agrawal             1985/1986
    5            Lion Thakur Hira Singh                       1987/1988
    6            Lion M.D. Agarwal                               1990/1991
    7            Lion P.L. Agarwal                                 1991/1992
    8            Lion Dr. Y.M. Pradhan                         1999/2000
Initially Lions Clubs International awarded to Nepal, as provisional Lions District, but later on with efforts of Lion Thakur Hira Singh, new clubs were opened and we were given full-fledged District status of District -325 when the International president Judge Brian Stevenson visited in the year 1987/1988.
Among other service projects, we have the eye treatment facilities at two different places of the country, which are our permanent projects.
  1. Lions Eye Hospital – MinBhawan, Kathmandu
  2. Pathibhara Netralaya , Damak Jhapa
Both the above facilities were established with lots of efforts by Lion Dr. Y.M. Pradhan. Initially Dr. Pradhan himself done the eye checkup and cataract operations at both the eye hospitals at Kathmandu and Damak.
Lions Club of Kathmandu sponsored a Leo club of Kathmandu in the year 1972 and the club was in existence till 1977 only. During this period, Krishna Prasad Shrestha, Surendra Bir Malkakar, Binod Kumar Chaudhary and Basant Kumar Chaudhary served as Presidents respectively.  Again a Leo club Kathmandu Minbhawan was sponsored in the year 2017 under the Presidentship of Leo Kritika Rajkarnikar who has completed her term successfully for 2 years. Leo Kritika was bestowed upon the best Leo of the year award by the Lions Clubs International.